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Banner image by Glyn Lowe

The Fish

I think my heart has never been

like this

so warm and red.

I feel

even in the worst moments of this fatal night

several thousand sun-springs

in my heart

surge up from deep certainty.

I feel

in every nook and cranny of these salt flats of despair

several thousand wonderfully wet forests


spring from the earth.


Oh certainty gone astray, oh runaway fish

in the ponds of slippery mirror within mirror!

I am a clear lagoon; now through the enchantment of love,

find a path from the mirror-ponds to me!


I think

my hand

has never been

so glad, so grand:

I feel

in my eyes

a cascade of bloody tears

that stirs a never-setting sun to breathe a song;

I sense

in my every vein

in every heartbeat


the bells of a passing caravan ring: wake up!


She came one night, naked, through the door

like water's soul

At her breast, two fish, and in her hand a mirror

her wet hair smelling of moss

as if braided with moss.

I cried out from the threshold of despair,

"Oh, certainty now found-I won't neglect you again!"