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3 Portals to International Children's Literature

Posted on August 22, 2022

Looking for children's literature from around the world? So were the New York City educators who took part in WWB's recent summer seminar, "Instructional Leadership with Authentic Global Stories." Here are three gateways to exploring this literature we shared with them:

  1. WWB's International Children's Literature issue and our blog posts about teaching the stories there: "Magic in Hard Times"and “The Park Bench.” For younger children, we especially recommend a Norwegian story about a lonely sort-of troll: "Raur Gives His Blanket a Hug."

  2. "Elementary" search on this site: Try the first 10 hits! Popular favorites from this summer include the animal story "It's a Chick, Not a Dog" and an indigenous poem celebrating everyday heroines, "Purépecha Mother."

  3. A site-wide search for “Children,” which will bring up links to online literature and books.

For additional suggestions, like readings for YA and about resilience, visit the slide-deck of reading recommendations for the entire course.

Finally, we'd like to thank all the summer seminar participants and guests! It was a wonderful session, thanks to your contributions, and we look forward more shared learning in the future.