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A Haitian Creole “Poem for Children with Trouble Sleeping”

Posted on December 21, 2023

The young Haitian poet Jean D’Amérique once told an interviewer at the Institut Français that he “started to write because I was, and am, angry with the world we live in. So I think I write in the hope of transforming it.” His “Poem for Children with Trouble Sleeping,” recently published with an author reading and across two languages in the magazine Words Without Borders, demonstrates how fruitful that combination of anger and hope can be.

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7 International Food Stories for Thanksgiving

Posted on November 08, 2023

A bowl of ramen. Photo by Frank from 5 AM Ramen on Unsplash.

Food plays a central role in cultural celebrations around the world, and as we prepare for Thanksgiving feasts here in the US, we're revisiting seven stories that explore the importance of food: in everyday life, in our memories, and in our interpersonal relationships. Read on for steaming bowls of ramen, chewy rice cakes, and juicy hamburgers:

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